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Nesin Mathematics Village A Project of Nesin Vakfi

Nesin Mathematics Village

The Nesin Mathematics Village, a project created by Ali Nesin , is a village consisting of traditional village style houses near Selcuk, Izmir which was started in 2007. The purpose of the project is to educate and encourage students to research and exchange of mathematics information- for children to adults - without the distraction of television, radio, or music. Participants get to participate in various levels of mathematics classes, and also have the opportunity to attend seminars and lectures by renowned mathematicians, economists and intellects. All classes are taught by professors and teacher with expertise in mathematics.

The project was inspired by realizing that students needed a different outlet than traditional methods of mathematics teachings and learning mathematics outside of the classroom through group work and interacting with one another. Initially, the project aimed to bring students together in summer school in cities where students can have a summer vacation while fostering learning environment for the study of mathematics. However, certain restrictions such as not having own facilities made the summer project difficult to handle. As a result, the Nesin Foundation decided to make the project permanent by creating a "village" of their own. This village would also accomplish Aziz Nesin's desire to create a mathematics institute as it was stated in his will.

Currently, the Village has a capacity of 90 students/participants but tents can be provided and set up in case the limit surpasses near the village. Since its founding, the village has served hundreds of students from elementary schools to graduate studies and have created seminars of all subject areas pertaining to the study of mathematics.

$9,270 Raised
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