16.3% of Turkey lives below the poverty line

Improving healthcare, strengthening communities

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Social and Economic Development

What is the issue?

  • Third highest income inequality in OECD
  • Chile: 0.503
  • Mexico: 0.482
  • Turkey: 0.412
  • 16.3% of the Turkish population lives below the poverty line, with a total monthly income of $2158.
  • 73.4 percent live in urban areas
  • 2.6 percent of children aged 5 to 14 are in child labor

What has been TPF's Impact?

  • -TPF granted 10% towards Social and Economic Development this past year, $95,104
  • -Purchased vital medical refrigerator for children with leukemia's medicine
  • -Funded private special education courses for 1 boy with autism for an entire year

16.3% of the Turkish population lives below the poverty line. While the income derived from farming is not sufficient for the rural population, citizens who migrated from rural areas lack the financial and social capital to adjust successfully to urban life. TPF focuses on strategic interventions to improve the quality of economic and social opportunities currently available to ensure that the economically disadvantaged in rural and urban areas have adequate resources to sustain themselves. This year, TPF supported projects that address the underlying social conditions that which systematically deny the opportunities people need to become productive such as healthcare and basic rights.

Improving Healthcare in Turkey

As the third country in the OECD with the highest income inequality, Turkey faces the problem of catering to all of its citizens equally. Access to quality and specialized healthcare for those with the lowest income in the most remote villages and in shantytowns remains an issue. Transportation to hospitals in big cities to receive the care needed is a burden many cannot afford. In terms of health indicators, Turkey performs significantly worse when compared to the OECD, finishing 9th to last out of 34 countries. This echoes the fact that per capita spending on healthcare remains low in the country by international standards. According to the OECD, the U.S. led the developed world in 2012, spending $8,745 per capita on health care. Turkey, by contrast, spent just $984 per capita, the lowest among developed countries. Access to care remains financially difficult for the poorest citizens. Improving the health of the workforce is a priority in improving Turkey's overall competitiveness.

TPF works with NGOs on the ground in Turkey to fill the gap. Allowing for children from families with low income with Leukemia get the care they need while also getting an education at classes specifically designed for them and providing free special education to individuals with Autism are just examples of Enabling underprivileged pediatric leukemia patients to get the medical care they need as well as continuing their education at classes specifically designed for them and providing free special education to individuals with Autism are just two examples among the many vital services our partners provide.

Strengthening Communities

Lifting communities out of poverty has been a centuries-old struggle that societies have tried to solve. Over the past several years, it has become apparent that the best way to advance lives is through empowerment. Turkish Philanthropy Funds' partners are addressing major issues that are hindering development within the country by addressing basic rights.

One of these issues lies within seasonal migrant workers. Children migrating with their families each year are forced to work under harsh conditions and give up any form of education. This interruption imprisons them in a "cycle of poverty", ensuring that they will share the same future as their parents. There are approximately one million child laborers in Turkey and half of them are working in seasonal migration.Through education and summer camps, TPF is partnering with organizations on the ground to end the cycle of poverty and put an end to child labor.

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