• Explain that science is fun and exciting, and it is not magic;
  • Increase the motivation for education in children;
  • Tell the children that their brains are not any different than the brains of the people who received the most important award in science, that their priority should be to read, wonder, experiment, do research and not the things they watch behind the screen; emphasize the fact that they should consider themselves as scientists and can crown our country with their inventions;
  • Have children realize the extent of science instead of improving in one specific area only, by showing them interesting points of different scientific areas which are suitable to their ages and lead them to scientific world.

So as to achieve these objectives we will host 160 successful 8th grade students from a variety of regions of Turkey for 8 days in our campus. They will listen to seminars from competent academicians, observe and conduct experiments, prepare experiment apparatus and feel that they are the apple of our country's eyes. So far the Access to Community group of Community and Science Center has covered about 300 thousand kilometers, done more than 570 activities in every corner of our country. The number of rural children they have reached has been 350.000 and the number of teachers they have reached has been 18.000. For the last 15 years more than 1500 rural children have participated in our summer camps. These children from small villages continue their education more successfully. There are students now who have graduated and become teachers in villages, who have started to study in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Physics, Psychology departments in METU, Medicine department in Hacettepe, Electronics in ITU. The summer camps are a whole with scientific, social and cultural events. Participant rural children are together with volunteer university students and they see them as their role models. They see that university students are not any different than themselves and increase their confidence and feel motivated to continue their education. After summer camps children go back to their villages, to their schools as science envoys.

The common effect of the camp will come into existence when the participant children build their own families and do their best to educate their own children in best schools. The most important criteria to choose the participants is because they have great humanity, to open doors to rural children who do not have opportunities. The most important outcome of the project is to make these children feel that they have the potential to be able to influence the destiny of the country and humanity.

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