Founding Reasons of AFLİVA:

  • Educate and grow logical, and independent thinking individuals with a passion of research and science that are worthy of the 21st century needs.
  • Support AFL school to continuously and sustainably improve/grow, and be the driver of reform in education in Turkey by being a good example starting with, but not limited to, natural sciences, and mathematics.
  • Improve relationships and collaboration among AFL alumni with scientific, art, social, and cultural activities, and embodiments.

Goals of AFLİVA:

  • We will help make AFL an organization that can grow competitive, successful, attentive, creative, reformist, observant, scientific minded, and constantly growing and learning individuals
  • We will help make AFL become a source for science and mathematics education reforms.
  • We will help develop science and technology ideals, and goals for our country of Turkey.
  • We will help support AFL alumni, and students to have positive relationships, and have collaborations covering social and economical areas.
  • We will lead, and help educational and sociological reforms to improve scientific thinking in our society by using every means of communications, and science.
  • We will help improve the quality of students coming to AFL.
  • We will be the main entity that determines the quality of education in AFL today, and in the future.

Projects of AFLİVA:

  • Renovation Project: Constant renovation of dorms, school, conference center, and the labs in AFL.
  • Education Project: Contributing to and supporting seminars around improving, and achieving lasting education reforms in Turkey in collaboration with Ministry of Education ODTÜ (Middle East Technical University), and AFL.
  • Library Project: Improving the library. Subscribing to reputable scientific, and academical journals, and magazines.
  • Scholarship Project: 10s of students are funded by alumni, and friends and relatives of alumni every year.
  • Internet Project: Computer lab opening, and improvements.
  • Health Project: Supporting the AFL clinic.
  • Donation

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