Maya aims to make the world a more desirable and safer place for children and youth aged between 6 and 18, to support children's mental, physical and academic development, and to build a future where children can express themselves freely, think creatively and reach their full potential.


We dream of a society of healthy individuals who enjoyed their childhood and youth freely, safely and productively.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of children and youth aged between 6 and 18 and also help them reach their full potential.

Values: Protection of Children's Rights, Respect for Human Honor, Respect for all Cultures and Differences, Focus on Children and Youth, Scientific Methodology, Cooperation and Volunteering, Transparency and Accountability

Goals: Provide MHPSS Services –Project Lift–, Provide Learning, Social, Cultural and Artistic Services, Contribute to Service Capacity Improvement, Build Effective Cooperation Networks

Impact :

So far we have conducted;

  • -11 Project Lift Workshops in Fatih, Gungoren, Sultanbeyli and Uskudar districts of Istanbul in which we've provided MHPSS for 468 Syrian and 11 Turkish children.
  • 7 volunteer training in which we've trained 349 Turkish- Arabic- English speaking volunteers on skills for working with and understanding target populations and basic background knowledge of MHPSS.
  • 2 family trainings for more than 30 families to introduce various parenting and positive discipline styles in order to provide basic psycho-education about trauma.
  • 7 self-care trainings and MHPSS capacity building to: Support to Life Association – PSS & Outreach workers, Ad.dar Community Center, Greater Anatolian Project (GAP) Regional Development Administration – Community Center workers, Doctors World Wide Association, SosyalBen Foundation.
  • 5 in kind donations with Light of Hope program to Diyarbakır, Kırklareli, Van, Batman, Hatay
  • We started our Trauma Informed School project in 2017 in three schools, so far we conducted 2 teacher trainings or 70 teachers and we started our creative art therapy sessions for 240 children of one school.

In regards to awareness, advocacy and integration;

  • We were invited twice to the European Parliament to discuss the fundamental problems of Syrian refugee children and the need for trauma rehabilitations; met with MEPs.
  • The Project Lift Hold My Hand exhibition of art works produced in workshops toured Amsterdam, Brussels and London.
  • On World Refugee Day 2016, we organized a festival with collaborations of UNHCR and other 12 NGOs. 374 refugee and Turkish children participated to the festival with their families.
  • Participation in diverse events and conferences including: World Humanitarian Summit, Now Conference, Universal Education Fund's Learning for Wellbeing Workshop, Grantmakers East Forum, UNHCR's Ref-Ist groups, UNICEF & UNHCR's South-East Education Working Group
  • Donation

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