Mission of the Organization:

The mission of Darussafaka Alumni Association as stated in its bylaws

specifies the mission as "creating economic and social cooperation among its members, enhance solidarity and to strengthen and glorify Darussafaka"

Vision of the


The purpose of Darussafaka Alumni Association is to consolidate the

communication and cooperation among graduates and do this via allocated time and vested efforts of its members and /or their financial support as well as donations received.

Widespread recognition of Darussafaka Alumni Association and

Darussafaka High school domestically and internationally is our vision.

Our goal is to enhance the esteem prestige and social image of Darussafaka.

Impact of the


The Association brings together all graduates under one roof for the sole purpose of increasing inter community assistance, communication, networking among members and promote quality education and ensure the good status of graduates.

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Darüşşafaka Mahallesi .Darüşşafaka Caddesi 34457
Derbent Mevkii Sarıyer