Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV)

Mission of the Organization:

TTGV's mission is to promote and actively support R&D, technology development and innovation activities by the private enterprise in Turkey. It is highly recognized internationally as a trailblazing organization and an unique model as a private entity. It designs, develops and operates high-impact models to address identified gaps between resources, capabilities and markets. With the organizational motto "innovate to support innovation" it maintains a well-formed portfolio of tools covering broad aspect of innovation; strategic, intellectual, financial and social.

Vision of the Organization:

TTGV envisages to become a trusted platform positioned at the centre of the innovation ecosystem by assuming a nexus role to build an unique collaborative partnership with an extensive network of outstanding ecosystem actors.

TTGV is working towards maintaining the collaborative approach based on looking beyond today's elements of trust building. This approach seeks to combine neutral, independent and collective skills utilizing its strong demonstration effect.

Impact of the Organization

With its not for profit mandate and neutral governance structure TTGV is recognized nationally and internationally as a prestigious partner driven only by the interests of its mission. The unique nature of TTGV's position comes through in what TTGV means for each partner:

As an independent entity, TTGV strives to continuously discover white spaces open, hence having been part of many firsts for the ecosystem. As a public private partnership, TTGV has an important bridge role between three major legs –government, private sector and academia- of the innovation ecosystem. Highly respected for its intellectual capabilities, TTGV has an important proof of concept and model seeding effect in the ecosystem. Through its nimble organizational structure TTGV is open to experimentation and learning to constantly innovate in its mission delivery, hence creating a visible benchmark.

Learning-driven change by continuously iterating its all activities is TTGV's principal commitment to define new benchmarks and best practices as well as recognized as the 'go to' partner for stimulating innovation.

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