Turk Silahli Kuvvetleri Elele Vakfi

Vision of the


Primarily for those who have wounded or lost their limbs during their tasks for the National Defense and Territorial Integrity; rehabilitate and provide continuous care to the Turkish Armed Forces personnel, pensioners, disability pensions and their belongings; contribute to sustain a healthy life in civilized and contemporary level; improve health care; and make studies and activities related to disabled children and adults.

Mission of the Organization:

Build facilities, provide support for the maintenance and sustainment of these facilities; Provide material and equipments for Gulhane Military Medical Academy and the Armed Forces Rehabilitation and Care Center which provide services for our Veterans' physical and mental rehabilitation; Management and maintenance of three (two in Ankara, one in Diyarbakır) TAF Elele Foundation Special Education and Rehabilitation Centre; Provide training and rehabilitation for 475 children who have mental, hearing, vision, specific learning disability, physical, pervasive developmental disorders, and also provide vocational education for the adult disabled children.

Impact of the


Includes security forces personnel who have wounded or disabled for the sake of the indivisible unity of the nation and military personnel children living in Ankara and Diyarbakir, who have mental, hearing, vision, specific learning disabilities, physical or pervasive developmental disorders.

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