Tarlabasi Toplum Merkezi

Mission of the Organization:

We believe every individual should have access to their human rights simply by being human, regardless of his or her class, identity, religion, age, gender, ethnicity, nationality and social or regional presence. At the Tarlabaşı Community Center (TTM), in line with general human rights principles, we work to employ creative and alternative pedagogic methods and make a foundation for social gender equality. In our work, our main goal is to fight all kinds of discrimination, prejudice and violence and we collaborate with other civil society groups on human rights-based social service projects and activities.

Vision of the


TTM, while starting out on this mission as an independent civil society organization, delivers educational and psychological support to disadvantaged children, youth and women living in the area. Strengthening its rights-based services in the community, TTM contributes also to broadening of rights-based social services in general.

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Çukur Mah., Zerdali Sok. No: 9
ISTANBUL , Turkey 34435

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