Turkish Philanthropic Association

Mission of Organization

Turkish Philanthropic Association was founded on 19 February 1928 by a group of professional and enlightened pioneer. Turkish women. The first aim of the association was to help the destitude womewho lost their husbands durıng the war of Indepedence. It started its work opening workshops where women were employed for stitching, knitting and hoisery, to make clothing for the army. Our motto was "To help ın return of work" The volentary organization, known today as the NGO's, have a extraordinary importance and perform indeed commendable work. Importance of this feature was conceived ın 1928 and the contenporary quidelines consiting the backbone of modem social policies were placed ın the bylaws of our Assocıation on 19 February 1928 when this organization was founded.

An examination of this bylaw would immediately indicate that the social ıssues handhed there make up the bosis of social assistance concept reached at the end of the twenteeth century.

After the independence war which ended with a decisive victory had nevertheles resulted in the loss of the males of untold nember of families, and the burden of supporting them had been shifted to the shoulders of women.
Turkısh Phılanthropic Association has adapted the mission to help needy people and to eradicate the poverty.

It was necessary to extend the required assistance to the women ın a manner that they should be made producers in the society.

Impact of the Organization

The association has offered its services in all social, educational and cultural areas required by the conditons prevailing in the county. In early days of our Association, following the foundation of Turkısh Republic, we have paid a patricular attention to the development of our work programs, in paralel of those of governments in power. Furthermore, our Association is servıng the country as a public-utility agency since 1940, has rallied the comprehension and ınterest of the public in all the endeavours that it has launched to date.

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Sokak No: 67
Kocatepe, Ankara