Tohum Autism Foundation

Mission of Organization

Tohum's key purpose is to lead and disseminate early diagnosis, education, and social integration services for children with autism throughout Turkey. Tohum has six missions:
- to meet the knowledge and support needs of children with autism and their families in order to help them pursue their lives in contemporary societal conditions
- to ensure early intensive special education of children with autism and their subsequent placement in the least restrictive educational environments
- to encourage teacher training for educating children with autism and research in this area
- to support and improve health and education services delivered to individuals with autism throughout the country
- to achieve world standards in screening, assessment, and diagnosis of autism and disseminate these throughout the country
- to raise awareness in public on autism.

Impact of the Organization

Tohum carries out the following activities in order to address the above-mentioned needs in the area of autism in Turkey:
1.Raising awareness in the community and in the government
2.Developing models for providing early identification, early intervention, and special education services effectively and efficiently for children with autism
3.Initiating such services (e.g., special education) when possible.

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Sisli, Istanbul

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