Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey

Impact of the Organization

We strongly believe in the importance of entrepreneurship for women empowerment as well as for socio-economic development. Entrepreneurship triggers activism and creativity, while brings transformation and dynamism to the economy as well as the society. Entrepreneurship requires critical thinking, therefore it is a crucial stance against status-quo. Individuals, who question, criticize, participate and provide alternatives, are motor forces of sustainable economies and democracies.
Throughout the years, we have learned to develop policies in macro and micro level, to influence decision makers, establish solidarity among women, to support women leadership and entrepreneurship. We launch public campaigns and perform active lobbying for women empowerment. Thereby, we have realized the importance of civil initiatives for a more democratic society.

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19 Mayıs Mah. 19 Mayıs Cad. A Rezidansı No: 35 D:20
ŞİŞLİ, İstanbul 34360

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