Kavak Associations Foundation

Mission of Organization

KADEF is Samsun, Turkey's largest umbrella organization, which houses multiple smaller local organizations. So what does KADEF do? Kavaklılık Federation works to develop awareness and knowledge, to protect cultural values and enable cooperation between the community and the other communities widespread, by solving the problems of the people and doing whatever it takes to protect the interests of the people.

Impact of the Organization

Federation, all work with the Constitution, laws and international agreements, universal human rights and the rule of law depends. Contribute to the development of national and international human rights organizations and other civil society organizations for this purpose shall cooperate with the public. In this sense, the Federation, Poplar and Poplar Village communities living in various cities and countries they live in peace and friendship between countries bridge, mutual social, cultural and economic co-operation developed to the extent it believes will strengthen the friendship relationship. Federation, decisions determining priorities for creating and operating programs, pluralistic and participatory is the quality of the views of member associations. Member associations, pays attention to evaluating proposals according to the rules.

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Ilkadim, SAMSUN