Hisar Anatolian Support Society

Mission of Organization

HISAR ANATOLIAN SUPPORT SOCIETY (HADD) is a non-profit association founded by a group of Robert College (64') classmates in April, 2010. Its aim is to educate the young women of families displaced from villages to Van, a city is Eastern Turkey, particularly with the skills necessary to improve their lives economically and socially. The activities of HADD are focused mainly in the city of Van in Turkey's Eastern Anatolian Region where the major problems are underdevelopment, unemployment and poverty.

Our objective is to help the young people in the area, to improve their problem solving abilities and social skills and enable them to make the best use of the cultural and artistic traditions of their region.

Our Mission is to inform, educate and skills provide training to the young women living in the poorer suburban neighbourhoods of Eastern Anatolian cities, enabling them to generate their own income and thereby contributing to the social harmony, by providing them with venues for education and socializing.

Impact of the Organization

HADD believes it is critical to empower young Turkish women who were forced to immigrate from rural areas to the cities, by providing them with professional and vocational skills HADD seeks to address the social problems resulting from unemployment.

Some of the problems HADD is dealing with include:
1. Poverty
2. Low participation of women in social and economic life
3. Young women who did not received or completed their formal education

Goals: 1.Promote the education, occupation and social inclusion of young women of immigrant families in Eastern Turkey.
2. Support the young women financially and socially to continue formal education, improve their education levels and help them gain income generating skills.
3. Open new kilim workshops in the ghettos of big cities in Eastern Anatolia and increase the participation of young women in these workshops from 90 to 1000.

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