Anatolian Culture

Mission of Organization

Anadolu Kültür is a non-for-profit company based in Istanbul which has been established in 2002 with the participation of individuals and institutions from various disciplines of art, aiming to promote cultural activities outside of Istanbul, to facilitate artistic collaborations and exchange between artists and cultural organization in Istanbul and Anatolia, and to support local artists.

Impact of the Organization

Anadolu Kültür aims to share and diffuse cultural programs across Anatolia in partnership with local NGOs, municipalities and universities in order to contribute to the establishment and extension of civic initiatives in Anatolian cities. The organization is a platform for cross-cultural collaborations and exchange between artists, organizations and local authorities.

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Cumhuriyet C. No: 16 Ka-Han Kat: 3 Elmadag
Istanbul, 34367
+90 212 219 1836